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Planning & Zoning FAQs

All of the following are generalizations.  Specific instances should be discussed with the Planning and Zoning Administrator.

Answer:  A Zoning Permit is required for any type of construction such as a new home, shed, fence, etc.  It is also required for new businesses.  Always check with the Planning and Zoning Administrator if you have a question as to whether a Zoning Permit is required. Back top Top

Answer:  In most cases, a sign permit is required for any sign whether it is temporary or permanent, large or small.  There are a few exceptions such as real estate signs.  Please remember signs that are placed in the Virginia Department of Transportation right of way will be removed. Back top Top

Answer:  Our current fee for these permits is $25.00. Back top Top

Answer:  Any shed, detached garage, carport or other outbuilding cannot be placed in the front-yard.  However, they can be constructed on the side and rear property line as long as they are not closer than five(5) feet from the rear and/or side property lines. Back top Top

Answer:  A vehicle with invalid tags that doesn’t have current inspection is an inoperable motor vehicles.  Except in the rare case of a permitted “junk yard”, the inoperable motor vehicle must be in a completely enclosed structure, otherwise the Town will have it towed after adequate warning is given. Back top Top


Answer:  The Town of Windsor requires that grass and weeds cannot be above twelve (12) inches in height.  The land-owner is given notice of the violation.  After ten (10) days, the Town can have the grass cut at the land-owner’s expense.  In addition to the costs a violation penalty is added- currently $30.  Habitual offenders will have greater penalties with the second offense. Back top Top


Answer:  The Town of Windsor will require the property-owner to remove the debris, junk and trash.  The owner is notified of the problem and if after ten (10) days, if the problem is not resolved, the Town can have the debris, junk and trash removed at the land-owner’s expense. Back top Top