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Check with the Planning and Zoning Administrator to make sure that the property is zoned for your type of business.  If it is zoned correctly, a Zoning Permit is required to verify the use.  Also if new construction is required, the Zoning Permit can be combined and both matters taken care of at the same time.  The cost of a Zoning Permit is $25.00.  If the property is not zoned properly, the possibility of rezoning the property or a conditional use permit can be explored and the rezoning procedure will be explained in detail in order to assist the business.  The cost for rezoning or a conditional use permit is $800.

If alterations, additions, or new construction of either a main building or an accessory building is needed, after the Zoning Permit is acquired from the Planning and Zoning Administrator, a Building Permit from the Isle of Wight Building Inspections Department must also be acquired.   The County will provide their fees for these permits which can include building, mechanical and electrical permits.

If the property is properly zoned, and the required Zoning Permit is acquired for new construction, other environmental questions must be addressed and permits are required.   Both erosion and sediment control and storm-water management as required by State regulations must be adhered to.  Isle of Wight County Engineering reviews the plans for these situations and issues such permits on behalf of the Town of Windsor.  When the Zoning Permit is applied for, the Planning and Zoning Administrator will provide the people to contact with the County and they will be able to provide what is required to acquire their permits and the requisite fees

Water and sewer connections are needed for any new business.  Water is provided by the Town of Windsor.  Depending upon whether it is an existing connection or a new connection, the location of present water facilities will determine the costs.  Contact should be made with the Town of Windsor’s Public Works Department on new connections.  Existing connections where change of user is all that is required can be easily and quickly provided- many times in a matter of minutes. This could be as low as $30 for a simple connection on an existing site.  Sewer is provided by Isle of Wight County Public Utilities.  The office Staff can provide new businesses with the contact numbers for sewer services.

Inquiries into other services such as garbage disposal, telephone, internet and other utilities can be made to the Town Office.  Our Staff will provide the contact names and numbers for the providers.

Businesses should also contact the Planning and Zoning Administrator when they wish to place a sign on their property for their business.  There are permanent signs such as wall-mounted signs and free-standing signs.  Wall mounted signs with some exceptions, generally are based on the width of the building facing a street (2 square foot of sign per linear foot).  Free-standing signs outside of shopping centers are limited in height to 12 feet and 100 feet in area.  Businesses moving into shopping centers (sites where there are designed to be three or more businesses) should contact the shopping center as to the size sign that they can place on the shopping center identification sign.  Individual free-standing permanent signs are not permitted within a shopping center.  Portable signs are not permitted except as temporary signs.  After the sign permit is approved by the Planning and Zoning Administrator, the commercial sign in most cases also requires a Building Permit from the Isle of Wight County Building Inspections Department.

Businesses need to advertise special events, sales, etc.  A sign permit is required for these temporary signs also.  They can be banners, pennants, small free-standing paper signs or portable signs.  As a temporary sign they are only to be in place for a short time- up to 30 days.  When the period is up, they need to be removed.  If a new temporary sign is needed thereafter, each time will require a new sign permit.

There are incentives for new businesses coming into the Town of Windsor.  These incentives are through the Economic Development Authority.  Please contact the Planning and Zoning Administrator to determine whether your business qualifies.

The Town of Windsor proactively works to create an attractive community.  There are laws against tall grass and weeds (12 inches or more in height) and inoperative motor vehicles (vehicles with expired tags and inspection stickers or in severe disrepair).  There are also laws against junk, trash and other debris which are actively enforced.  



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