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Economic Development Authority

  The Town of Windsor’s Economic Development Authority was created in 2010 to promote economic growth in the Town of Windsor.  As called for in the Authority’s bylaws, “The purpose of the Authority shall be to acquire, own, lease, and dispose of properties in an effort promote business and industry and develop trade by inducing manufacturing, industrial, governmental and commercial enterprises to locate in or remain in the Town of Windsor, Virginia and to further the use of its agricultural products and natural resources, and all other purposes as are now or may hereafter be set forth in the Economic Development and Revenue Bond Act, Chapter 33, Title 5.1 of the Code of Virginia of 1950, as amended (the “Act”).  The Authority may provide incentives to businesses and industry to help encourage economic growth in the Town of Windsor.”

  The Economic Development Authority is governed by seven Directors whom are appointed by the Town Council of the Town of Windsor, Virginia.  All appointments are for terms of four years.  The seven Directors shall contain the following representation: 2 residents of the Town of Windsor, 3 Town of Windsor businesses, 1 member of Town Council, 1 member of Planning Commission.  All Directors shall reside in the Town of Windsor or Isle of Wight County. 

  The EDA offers economic incentives to new, existing, or relocating businesses located within the Windsor Tourism District. Information about the incentive programs can be found in our incentives program attached below.

Current Members of the EDA Board                          Check out our small town businesses!                

Incentives Documentation