Town Administration

The Town Administration consists of the Town Manager, Clerk/Treasurer, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer and an Assistant Clerk.  They oversee the day to day operations of the Town of Windsor, as well as implementation of the Town’s operating budget.

Planning and Zoning

The Town’s Planning & Zoning Department consists of the Planning & Zoning Administrator.  He is responsible for implementation and enforcement of the Town’s land development and subdivision ordinances.  He is also responsible for codes compliance and issuance of all zoning permits.

Public Works

The Town’s Public Works Department consists of a Maintenance Supervisor and a Maintenance Man.  The department is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all of the Town’s physical and fixed assets.  This includes the Town’s public grounds as well as all Town owned buildings.  The staff of this department also oversees the operation of the Town’s water system.

Windsor Police

The Windsor Police Department consists of the Police Chief, a First Sergeant, Detective, and three Police Officers.  The department is charged with providing public safety service and protection of persons and property within the Town of Windsor.